E Pluribus Unum

Our nation’s Great Seal portrays our national bird waving a ribbon that declares our national motto: “E PLURIBUS UNUM”.  It’s a latin phrase that means “Out of many, one”.  It contains thirteen letters, one for each of our nation’s founding thirteen colonies.

On June 16, 1858, Senatorial candidate Abraham Lincoln tried to teach us about our national motto: “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”  All too many of us did not listen.  A few years later, six hundred thousand of us died in our Civil War.

Two hundred forty years later, all too many of us still don’t listen.  Politicians and media exert their best efforts to replace our national motto with “Out of one, many”.  All day every day, they enrich and empower themselves by flooding our hearts and minds with “Them versus Us.”  They seek “A House Divided”.  “Divide And Conquer” is more valuable to them than the lesson of Lincoln.

Some may disagree with me.  Some may believe that politicians and media revere Lincoln’s lesson.  However, I’m trapped in my own life experience.  I don’t know anyone who believes that.  In fact, the malice and disdain with which politicians and media describe politicians and media convinces me that I’m right.  They’re like the Jets and the Sharks of “West Side Story”, on steroids.

All day every day, politicians and media bombard us with “opinions” about elections that won’t take place in the near future.  Why don’t they bombard us with facts about issues that affect our lives now?  Are their “opinions” really opinions, or are they their efforts to influence our thinking and our future votes?

All day every day, politicians make promises about what they would do for us if only we would give them our money and our precious votes.  Why don’t they promise us less and do more for us?  Can you name the fulfilled promises made by the Senators and Members Of Congress who represent you?

All day every day, politicians tell us how hard  they “fight” for us.  Why don’t they tell us what they they actually achieved for us?  In her 2016 Presidential campaign, Hillary Clinton told us she had “fought” for women for thirty years.  Why does the number of speaking fees she received from Wall Street far exceed the number of bills that she sponsored into law to help women?

All day every day, politicians tell us that our military budget must be large enough to make sure we have the most powerful military in the history of the world.  Why have we’ve been bogged down in war for decades, without winning anything?  Why wasn’t our military budget large enough to save 58,000 of us from dying in Vietnam?

All day every day, politicians tell us that our intelligence agencies protect our democracy at a cost to taxpayers that must remain secret.  Why don’t they tell us how much of that secret money is used to personally benefit politically-biased public “servants”?  When former CIA Director John Brennan and former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper and former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe get paid by the Fourth Estate (CNN) to talk about national intelligence issues, how do you feel about their profiting from “insider” information?

All day every day the Fourth Estate tells us “polling results” about political issues.  Why don’t they tell us that all polls are based on two easily-manipulated fundamentals: one is the fundamental of what questions are asked and how are they phrased; and the other is the fundamental of who get asked the questions?  After the 2016 Presidential election proved the Fourth Estate and its pollsters to be no more reliable than the tribunal that convicted Galileo, does anybody have any doubt that the Fourth Estate uses polls to influence our thinking and our future votes?

All day every day, politicians and the media tell us what Blacks want and think, what women want and think, what Hispanics want and think, and so on.  They exert their best efforts to “Divide And Conquer”.  Their success is frightening.  On October 10, 2019, President Donald J. Trump gave a speech in Minnesota.  Outside the arena, protesters expressed themselves.  One of them carried a sign: “EAT THE RICH”.

We’re not proud of our government or our media.  Are we proud of ourselves?  Will our great-grandchildren be proud of us?

Stephen B. Benisch, October 13, 2019

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