Lock Her Up

We The People have a government that makes our heads spin.  We give them approval ratings that are an historical tragedy, and, nevertheless, we re-elect them.  Have they taken total control of our minds, or are we innately masochists?  If it were July 4, 1776, would our Founding Fathers tolerate this?

All day every day pundits who claim to be smarter than we are and claim to know everything about everything scream at one another and at us.  Some of them blame President Donald J. Trump and his supporters.  Others blame Hillary Clinton and her supporters.  In 2016, we chose Presidential candidate Trump over Clinton.  Our choice shocked and threatened them — it threatened Democrats, Republicans, the Fourth Estate, pundits, every “insider” who possesses a seat at the inner circle of power.  Our choice was a modern-day “shot heard round the world”, not unlike the first shot fired in our Revolutionary War (which took place in the 1775 Battle of Concord, and is remembered as the “shot heard round the world”).

Why did our choice of President Donald J. Trump throw us into an Uncivil War?  The reason can’t be that our President is a liar, because the indisputable lies by Barak Obama don’t upset our President’s opponents.  The reason can’t be that our President is a misogynist, because the indisputable misogyny by Bill Clinton doesn’t upset our President’s opponents.

So, then, what is the reason for the Uncivil War?  It’s a complex question.  It’s the kind of question that historians debate for decades or longer.

Insiders in the FBI, the Democrat Party, and the Fourth Estate tried to prevent and undo the results of the 2016 Presidential election.  Some say it was justified and some say it was not, but everybody knows the insiders did it.  Why does our Uncivil War include a battle over the constitutional right of We The People to have the President we elected?

According to opensecrets.org, Democrat Congressman Al Green received more than half of his 2019-2020 campaign funding from PACs rather than from individual contributors as of September 2019.  In other words, he’s a Member Of Congress because the powers-that-be want him to be.  In other words, he’s their guy.  On May 4, 2019, Al Green appeared on MSNBC and said “I’m concerned if we don’t impeach this President, he will get re-elected.”  Why does our Uncivil War include a battle over the constitutional right of We The People (rather than Congress) to choose our President?

At first I was in shock.  I was appalled.  Insiders in my America purposefully had initiated a constitutional crisis.  They embarked on an effort to prevent We The People from having the President of our choice.  They didn’t do it surreptitiously.  They proudly declared it to be their patriotic duty.  With the simplicity of their explanation from the mouth of their guy, it’s their duty to save We The People from ignorantly exercising our constitutional right to elect the President of our choice.  Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders says the Constitution gives everyone, including murderers serving life sentences, the right to vote.  Al Green, however, says the Constitution does not give anyone the right to vote to re-elect our President.

After overcoming the shock, it occurred to me that the reason for the Uncivil War must be overwhelmingly important.  Many insiders are intelligent, ambitious, hard-working, well-funded, and savvy.  They can’t be openly denying the Constitution, without knowing they are doing it.  Without knowing their words and actions will have a permanent place in history.  Why are they doing it?

“If it looks like a duck and walks like a duck, it is a duck.”  It is a coup d’état.  But why?

Is the reason for the coup d’état that our President’s language is despicable?  Or that his policies are despicable?  Or that his measure of success at improving the lives of We The People is despicable?  Or that his effort to honor his campaign promises is despicable?  Do any of these questions have anything to do with the constitutional grounds for impeaching any President and removing him from office?

Our nation has been at war with itself, an Uncivil War, since We The People elected our President.  Our President’s opponents have used our nation’s resources to investigate every nuance of his being since before We The People elected him, and have not uncovered anything impeachable.  Why did they commence this Uncivil War?

Insiders never will explain why, not accurately and completely.  My explanation will have to come from me.  Voilà!  I have it.  I can’t prove it, but I have it.  As 2020 Presidential candidate Joe Biden said on August 8, 2019, I “choose truth over facts.”

In keeping with Occam’s razor, my explanation is simple.  Insiders haven’t forgotten the loud anti-Hillary cries from the “deplorables” (“Lock Her Up”).  Insiders have faith in the adage that “The best defense is a good offense”; Hillary Clinton’s best defense against being convicted of criminal behavior is a good offense (“Impeach Trump”).  Insiders are implementing her “good offense” by dancing the Joseph Goebbels Two-Step (“Propaganda works best when those who are being manipulated are confident they are acting on their own free will”).

Me Too supporters are confident they are acting on their own free will.  They are confident that Hillary Clinton was blindsided when she learned that Harvey Weinstein, Jeffrey Epstein, and Bill Clinton were misogynists?

Lenin, Hitler, Mao, and Castro manipulated the public into being confident they were acting on their own free will.  Is it America’s turn now?

Stephen B. Benisch, September 29, 2019

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