“Wisdom begins in wonder.”  (Socrates, c. 470 BCE to 399 BCE)

Welcome.  I hope this becomes a community of people who wonder, together.

I am an American.  I believe in principles I learned as a child: one man, one vote; a nation of laws; and all men are created equal.  I consider Vietnam, Watergate, and the sale of Katharine Graham’s legacy to be natural swings of the political pendulum, events about which We The People should be concerned but not fear.  The refusal by so much of the establishment to accept the results of the 2016 Presidential election, however, gives me the chills.  I never dreamed that Party Elites would refuse to witness the nomination of the candidate who won their primaries, or that a Hollywood Elite would decapitate our President in effigy.  I find it dreamlike that a Media Elite admitted the news corps withheld its knowledge of the high level of hatred in the Heartland for the losing Presidential candidate, while insisting the candidate was a shoo-in.

I read our Declaration of Independence and President George Washington’s Farewell Address again.  I listened to “When I’m Gone” by Phil Ochs again.  I wonder.  Of all the bills sponsored into law by the Senators and Members of Congress who represent you, and of all the votes they cast in your name, which do you think justify their re-election?

Stephen B. Benisch, October 30, 2017

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